Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gas Saver Pills

FFI (Forever Freedom International) proudly presents a gas saver pill known as the MPG-Cap™:

  • Revolutionary innovation maximizes fuel savings for gas, diesel, and bio-diesel engines!
  • Boosts vehicle horsepower!
  • Minimizes air pollution because of more complete combustion!

    How MPG-Cap™ works:

  • The active ingredient in the MPG-Cap™ creates a catalytic film on the combustion chamber surfaces of the engine.
  • Improves combustion between 10 and 30% by simply adding a $2.10 pill for each tankful of gas.
  • A typical 20% reduction in gasoline translates to a savings of 0.2 x 20 gallons = 4 gallons, assuming a 20 gallon tank. At say $5/gallon, that translates to a savings of $20, approximately 10 times the cost of the pill. Your net savings is then approximately $18 for each tankful of gas.
  • The MPG-Cap™ catalytic film increases engine power, in addition to reducing engine heat and exhaust emissions.
  • MPG-Cap™ is the only fuel conditioner that improves fuel combustion process and thus improves fuel consumption savings. Other fuel conditioners are nothing but cleaning agents.

  • Try it, you'll like it!

    You are also being offered the chance to become a distributor of these amazing gas saving pills.

    Promoting these gas saver pills also helps to keep the environment clean.

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